“My passion for the game is one motivation for the acquisition, but there is more to it than that. From a business view, the club is a great investment, given it is financially sound and has a strong management team.”

LAI GUOCHUAN, of investment firm Yunyi Guokai (Shanghai) Sports Development, after it sealed a deal to buy a controlling stake in West Bromwich Albion, which plays in the English Premier League.


“ASEAN countries and China have geographical proximity and similar cultural backgrounds.” 

MA FENG,  deputy director of the marketing department of the Ministry of Culture, on exporting Chinese TV shows and other cultural products to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.


“With our experience of using Internet technologies to provide inclusive finance, we can help more countries, especially developing countries, to lower the threshold and enable more disadvantaged groups to enjoy financial services.”

ERIC JING, president of financial technology company Ant Financial Services.

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