Wuxi landmark draws top talents

 The Wuxi International Finance Square (IFS), the new landmark in Wuxi, aims to bring a more diversified tenant mix, where is home to a range of occupiers from different industries.

“We actively lower the rental price, raise the cost effectiveness and extend the rental period to attract more stable tenants from law firms and industries like insurance, securities, mechanics,” says Dave Siu, the Assitant Director and General Manager (Office Leasing) of Wharf China Estates Limited, or Wharf, regarding their adjustments to the market dynamics.

Wuxi IFS of the Wharf has been active in second-tier cities of China in the past three years. The realestate conglomerate initiated the concept of ‘the Vertical Wall Street’ at the beginning of the year, further demonstrating magnet effect of Wuxi IFS. It has been a dream commercial building for every business elite in Wuxi. Wuxi IFS not only influences the development of the whole industry and the region but also lays a solid foundation for the Wharf’s development layout in second-tier cities in the East China.

Wuxi IFS, developed by the Wharf, boasts with the world-class renowned “office bulter” property management service, which weighs highly on talents’ clout upon enterprise growth in the region. Wall Street, for example, has always been like a magnet of business elites, gathering high-end professionals with same goals and values from various industries.

Wuxi IFS is the vertical Wall Street in the promising city, appealing to professionals in the region.

As a sustainable commercial expansion platform, Wuxi IFS, from the beginning of leasing period, has been committed to the effective synergy between tenants. Meanwhile, the Wharf also noticed that many enterprises in Wuxi deem talented professionals as the orientation for future growth, and thus they would take employees’ needs into account besides quality of supporting services when choosing their office. Dubbed as the highest building in Wuxi, IFS looks toward to its positive role in long term development of enterprises and skilled personnel.

The tallest tower in Wuxi attracts more outstanding companies and employees compared with last year. Renowned law firms, machinery manufacturing companies, and Fortune 500 companies have showed strong interest in the office building with grade A standard; both local leading groups and global well-established corporations have moved into the Wuxi IFS. The magnetic ‘vertical Wall Street’ is enhancing the optimization of its tenant composition.

Many industry giants recognised Wuxi IFS as a hub of economic and human resources development, including Yingke Law Firm, one of the biggest tenants of the Wuxi IFS, which occupies 1,500 square meters. Other anchor tenants include big names from Baoneng Groups’ Qian Hai Life Insurance and state enterprise China Railway, to multinational companies SAIC General Motors and Toshiba-Carrier.

“Thanks to our best hardware in town and sophisticated property management team, which are attractive for not only our tenants but also their employees,” Siu corroborates. The qualitative factors of this landmark tower, hence, become a key component in the companies’ ability to attract and retain talents.

Aside from cost and facilities, the neighbor mix can also have big influence on the tenants. Tenants of IFS think highly of the quality of other occupiers under the same

roof. “It’s just like when you rent an apartment: neighbours can play an important part in our daily lives,” he opines, describing IFS as a magnet attracting excellent talents and companies.

The view, moreover, is what kicks the skyscraper up a notch. Tallest building in Wuxi CBD, IFS is a topnotch landmark tower coming with spectacular panorama of the district. Tenants agree it can imprint their soft power on its office space, which they can show their clientele.

As a pioneer of the ‘vertical Wall Street’ projects in major cities, The Wharf owns the ‘tallest landmark towers’ as its name cards, says Siu. In these projects, the estate giant emphasises sustainability and the interaction between resources and business environments.

“Wuxi IFS is like a financial hotbed at the moment. It aims to become an innovative financial plateau and a growth pole of the industry,” Siu continues. He foresees this ‘vertical Wall Street’ will become a massive magnet in short future, drawing more firms and talents from various industries, and morphing into a powerhouse of regional economic growth.

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