2018-04-02, Zhang Lei

At about 3 am on March 7, Li Heng gave birth to a boy, weighing 3.35 kilograms, at the People’s Hospital in Zhongmu county, Central China’s Henan province.

Her family wept for joy as the little boy was born.

But, the birth of her child was also a reminder of Li’s brush with death more than two decades ago.

On Oct 15, 1995, when she was only a year and a half old, she was taken to Zhengzhou by her mother to visit her father, who was working on a construction site.

During the visit, she accidentally fell into an 8-meter-deep pit at the site.

It took more than 300 policemen, medical workers and municipal workers three hours to rescue her.

Now, this story has another chapter as Li Heng has a baby of her own.

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