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What three words best describe the past 40 years of reform and opening-up in China?

Historic poverty alleviation.

How did the influences and contributions of China’s 40 years of reform and opening-up impact the country’s development?

The key contribution is that the largest poverty alleviation goal in the history of mankind has been achieved by the reform measures adopted by the Communist Party of China. 

Besides this, China’s reform has catapulted the nation to becoming a global power, fostered innovation and instilled a sense of much deserved confidence and pride among its citizens.

How has China influenced and contributed to the world’s development during this time? 

Poverty is the worst disease (albeit man-made) a human being can suffer from — and China seems to have found a cure. Hence this reform influences other nations to also emulate such a successful reform model envisioned by China. Additionally, China’s reform is currently creating the most interconnected world ever seen (through its Belt and Road Initiative). 

How have China’s achievements over the last four decades influenced and contributed to the common man around the world?

The key overlooked contribution of China’s reform to the common man is its first-time access to daily necessities at an affordable price. The common man in the developing world would not be able to afford daily amenities for survival, and increased life expectancy would not have occurred without ‘Made in China’ products. For example, an affordable electric blanket or a warm feather jacket to an elderly or sick man in a cold developing country would not have been accessible to him if such items were not made in China.

Who and what have you paid the most attention to during China’s 40 years of reform and opening-up?

I pay most attention to the Chinese Communist Party’s unique drive over four decades to ensure reform was and is being achieved. Their ability to repeatedly implement projects on or before schedule makes them the most successful government in the world.

What do you want to know most about China’s achievements over the last 40 years?

I am most interested to know how such a large government is able to ensure timely implementation of projects. 

In what ways have China’s reform and opening-up promoted China-Asia relations?

China-Asia relations have been promoted by the major projects of interconnectivity that China has envisioned — mainly the Belt and Road Initiative. This interconnectivity will foster direct engagement between not only Asian countries and China, but also between various Asian countries themselves. Therefore this deeper engagement will bring Asian countries closer to each other and reduce the chances of misunderstanding. Additionally, other Asian countries now understand that Asia is the center of the world in terms of culture, market and innovation. 

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