“We will make it the largest and most intelligent solar power project with the most advanced technology in the world.”


chairman of China Three Gorges Corp, after the company connected the world’s largest floating photovoltaic power station to the grid and started generating power in East China’s Anhui province on Dec 10.


“The Chinese government is taking the right steps in assuring that new medicines can be approved in China faster, by allowing full studies conducted in other countries to be utilized and updated in China.”


a management board member of German pharmaceutical giant Bayer, saying China’s emphasis on innovation has led to more opportunities for global clinical development and research programs to be carried out in the country.


“China’s determination to further open itself to outside investment shows that China will be an open economy and has more confidence in international markets.”


chairman of China Poly Group Corp, saying the conglomerate will continuously promote its business in both developing and developed countries, further expanding its reach abroad.

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