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2017-09-18, MEI JIA

Anecdotes and Sayings of Xi Jinping

Chinese publisher People’s Publishing House agreed with Germany-based Springer Nature, Russia’s Chance Group and Japan’s Duan Press to publish the English, Russian and Japanese versions of this book, consisting of articles compiled by the People’s Daily.

“President Xi has a unique and charming style of giving speeches, quoting anecdotes and stories,” said Wu Shangzhi, vice-minister of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, at the signing ceremony in Beijing.

The book is a selection of 109 such anecdotes and stories from Xi’s speeches, and explanations and interpretations are also offered. More than 1.1 million copies of the book have been distributed in the Chinese market.

Roman Gerasimov, general manager of the Russian publisher, said the book will be helpful for Russian researchers as well as for general readers to know more about the president.

Books on Philosophy and Social Sciences

The China Social Science Press, under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), is a major publisher in social sciences. At the Beijing International Book Fair in August, it shared its plans.

Its president, Zhao Jianying, said it has worked with 30 foreign publishers and released 80 titles in foreign languages.

The China Insights series, the China Perspective series, the Concise Reader series and the China Academic History series are some of its publications.

China Insights includes 15 Chinese titles by top scholars on economic development, the environment, culture and Chinese values. Nine of the titles are published in English by Springer, and more are to come. The Arabic, Korean and Spanish versions of the series are to be published soon.

The China Perspective series is a collection of writings by CASS members. Eight have been published by British publisher Routledge, and four are to come.

Zhang Yi, director of Chinese Social Development Research under CASS, looks at the changing trends in China’s social classes in his new book, The Five Waves.

“In 2006, 40 percent of Chinese were farmers. But a significant shift occurred in 2011, and now the new middle class plus working class outnumber the farmers. And in 2020, there will be more middle class,” said Zhang.

China’s Competitiveness

Yilin Press has signed an agreement with the UK-based New Classic Press to publish the English version of a six-volume series on Chinese high-speed rail.

“While introducing advanced science and technology, the books can discuss the unique aspects and advantages of Chinese production. They expound on the ‘artisan spirit’, and can change foreign stereotypes of Chinese creativity,” said Zhao Haiyun with the import management department of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.

Xie Shanqing from Yilin said the books are based on comprehensive, real and authoritative sources, and contain the latest achievements and data. Farough Khodadadi from the British publisher said the series shows that China is achieving all-round development.

Intelligent Manufacturing and Robots

Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, Central China’s Hubei province, is to release the English version of its series on intelligent manufacturing theories and technology. The university has a national-level key laboratory and is collaborating with top experts from other organizations to finish the books.

Happy Dreams

A novel by veteran writer Jia Pingwa, published in Chinese in 2007, Happy Dreams tells stories of Liu Gaoxing, a trash collector from rural Shaanxi in Northwest China.

“People like Gaoxing were first-generation migrant workers. They are at the margins of urban life because they can’t be part of the city. At the same time they can’t go back to their villages as they have lost their land,” said Jia.

Translated by award-winning literary translator Nicky Harman, the novel will be released by Amazon in digital and print worldwide.

China Creation series

China Intercontinental Press and Gale International have worked on publishing China Emerging: 1978-2008, released in 2009, and the 12-volume The Sinopedia Series, released in 2010.

The partners will also work on titles about China’s achievements in space technology and hydraulic engineering.

Terry Robinson, senior vice-president of Gale International, said: “International readers will be able to understand China’s economic restructuring better, and the determined effort to transform China from an export-oriented manufacturing center into an economy driven by innovation in technology and engineering.”

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