Humane model for development

What do you think about the current influence of China in the world?

As the world’s second-largest economy, (which is) expected to bypass the United States economy in due course, according to economic indicators of current trends, China is definitely a major player on the global stage. The kind of progress achieved so far is a huge plus, not only to the international economy but, most important, to the progress of humanity.

If by 2020 China achieves its strategy of completely eradicating poverty, we are talking of about 1.3 billion people with a better living standard — a great asset to humanity.

How do you evaluate President Xi Jinping’s performance as the leader of a great power?

President Xi’s book, which I have read and studied and even given lectures about, is proof of a leader who works and leads in difficult circumstances, and prevails and achieves success.

He is a leader who started a long way from the top, so his life success is bottom-up and not detached from people’s realities. Truly, he stands tall among leaders who have led their people to success.

What do you think about the future of China?

China introduced a new approach to development, which is more humane compared with the Western economic approach, which ignores people to the benefit of interest groups.

Therefore, China’s model of development is sustainable and will positively impact many people around the world, particularly in Africa, where partnerships with China are prevailing.

What Chinese wisdom and Chinese experience do you think could be used to solve the urgent problems facing the world?

The belief in change and positive results for a better future is the lesson most to be learned from the Chinese experience. Success can happen in a shorter time through integral and inner unity among the communities within a country.

If the rule of law prevails, if discipline and anti-corruption regulations are strictly applied — as has long been the case in China — any nation can move ahead.

What three words would you use to describe China today? 

Development with a human face.

What is the biggest challenge facing China now?

Anti-globalization is the biggest challenge, not only facing China but all other emerging economies and developing countries. I think China is already taking steps toward solving this by adjusting its economic structure and upgrading.

In the recent past, China has struggled with excessive capacity in some traditional but key industries, and they have initiated reforms, such as tightening lending, in selected industries — among other strategies. 

Promoting the service industries is another strategy that I think is moving in the right direction. China needs to explore this to complement its exports of goods.

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