“S&P Global Ratings’ decision focused only on China’s leverage level but overlooked the possibilities of risk control in a different financing structure.”


executive vice-president of the China Banking Association. Pan spoke out on Sept 25 against S&P Global Ratings’ downgrading of China’s sovereign credit rating, saying the move lacked credibility and neglected the reality of the nation’s financing structure and overall quality of its banking industry.


“We are focusing more on the Chinese market. I have given orders to add Chinese language to all direction signs on roads and tourist sites across Luxor.”

Mohamed Badr, 

governor of Egypt’s Luxor governorate, saying Egypt is pinning its hopes on China to revive its tourism sector.


“One distinctive trend is the shift in focus of the country’s healthcare sector toward technical and service innovations.”


vice-president of US-based Carestream Health, a provider of medical imaging systems and IT solutions, saying there are many areas in China that allow the company to maintain robust growth.

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